If you’re here you’ve likely tried to “eat less and exercise more” and it just hasn’t worked for you.

The weight won’t seem to budge no matter what you do…

  • You try hard to lose weight with no results
  • You’re cranky and exhausted
  • You feel stressed or depressed for no reason
  • Your food cravings are out of control
  • You need coffee to get through the day
  • You used to be thin but can’t seem to fit into the old jeans no matter what you do
  • You may have PMS, or irregular periods or indigestion

But why???

The most common reason women struggle with losing weight is a slow metabolism,  hormonal imbalances and inflammation. This includes conditions like PMS, fatigue, irregular periods, indigestion, imbalanced hunger hormones, sugar hormones, sex hormones and other metabolism regulating hormones!

Strict calorie deficit plans and restrictive macro diets often exacerbate hormonal imbalances and inflammation. They can cause your body to go “hypo-metabolic” as it starts to hoard energy and reduce your internal calorie burning activity. This leads you to feel miserable, hungry and stuck at the same weight.

…So when your doctor tells you that you just need more will power to “eat less and exercise more” what he may not realize is that newer research is showing that women’s bodies are actually way more complex than that.

In fact, we know that hormones affect fat distribution on a woman’s body… so why isn’t hormone health being taken into account with women’s weight loss programs?

Women are hustling with weight loss plans that are making their metabolisms slower, their hormone imbalances worse and even increasing their inflammation.

If you’re tired, hangry and have killer food cravings… this might be you.

Which brings us to this conundrum…

QUESTION: How do you lose weight without burning your body out?

ANSWER: You follow a plan customized for your feminine body…


with Antosia

Get expert 1-on-1 guidance from Antosia so you can release the extra weight by balancing your hormones, boosting your metabolism and healing your inflammation.

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This is for you if:

1. Your “eat less and exericse more” plan is driving you up the wall

Somewhere between entering calories on your app and basically living at your local gym you’re feeling irritatingly hungry and tired. Meanwhile your sister-in-law loves the all-you-can-eat buffet and is wearing size 0 jeans.

2. You see little progress and you’re not sure if you’re doing it right

A fitness trainer told you intermittent fasting is LIFE CHANGING while doctor says that if you’re in a calorie deficit there’s no way you won’t lose weight. You’ve tried all the things… but you’re still not seeing results.

3. You want your weight loss plan to serve you rather than suffering

You want to feel more comfortable in your body. Not only do you want to get in shape, you want to have better moods and healthy periods and you want to have fun and indulge in some delicious self-care while doing it! You’re ready for a big transformation!

Here’s how the Body Transformation program works…



A sluggish metabolism is why women eat little and exercise a lot and still struggle to release the extra weight. A sleepy metabolism stores fat energy on your body for protection. We’ll be firing up your metabolism instead with a functional medicine protocol that boosts your energy and wakes up the most stubborn sleepy metabolism.


The reason why men seem to have little trouble losing weight when they actually make the effort is because they have less hormones to manage. Sex hormones, stress hormones and hunger hormones all affect our ability and will power when it comes to losing weight. We’ll balance these hormones using herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle changes so it feels like 20 lbs just melted off your body while you weren’t looking.




Improve your body’s stress management, lymphatic drainage and detoxification and calm your immune system to neutralize inflammation and release inflammation weight. Inflammation is why many of us struggle with weight fluctuations out of nowhere due to water weight and inflammation fat. This tends to coincide with brain fog, digestive problems, joint pain, body puffiness (Ex. eyes), skin issues and fatigue. 

When nothing seems to work it’s time to listen to your body…

You may have tried so many things already and either saw no progress at all or it worked but then you gained it all back…

I see this all the time!

Before working with me, my clients have tried these weight loss strategies only to discover they have significant down sides:

  • Keto diet – It works until it doesn’t. Hitting a progress wall with keto is very common because studies show that as a woman your body needs carbs to keep hormones balanced and it can only go without for so long before the negative effects start to show on your body.
  • Strict calorie cutting – Eating 1000 calories per day is a great way to make yourself miserable and make your body hypo-metabolic (as it reduces your internal calorie burning activities to preserve the energy you need to stay alive). Similar to the keto diet, it may work for a while until it stops working. It can also have a negative impact on digestion, energy levels, hormones and mental health.
  • Booking a Naturopathic appointment – Many naturopaths will give you a Mediterranean diet meal plan, tell you to eat less processed foods and send you on your way. Most naturopaths are generalists and do not choose to specialize in weight loss and are unable to provide you with the regular coaching you need to make real change in your body.
  • Weight loss drugs – These can give some results but not without significant side effects. Not to mention, they really aren’t intended to be used long term. So what happens when you stop?
  • Fasting – This is promoted as the holy grail for pretty much everything with scientific studies to back it up. Only problem is the studies are mostly done on men… because women’s unpredictable hormones mess with the study results. Meanwhile, a newer study has shown that women needs 3-4 servings of carbs per day in order to have a healthy menstrual cycle. And guess what… you need a healthy cycle to lose weight. Fasting is OK in the short term for healthy women but is not a long term weight loss plan.

Here’s what you receive when you join my weight release programs


  • Three months of coaching
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions with Antosia
  • Complete Holistic Health Evaluation
  • Eating Plan
  • Functional Medicine Supplement Protocol
  • Weekly Progress Checkins
  • Bonus: Exercise Plan



  • Four months of coaching
  • Seven one-on-one coaching sessions with Antosia
  • Complete Holistic Health Evaluation
  • Eating Plan
  • Functional Medicine Supplement Protocol
  • Weekly Progress Checkins
  • Text Message access 5 days per week
  • Practitioner Grade Supplements delivered to your door
  • Bonus: Exercise Plan


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