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    Hey, I’M ANTOSIA

    I’ve created her body wisdom to help you remember what you intrinsically knew about yourself when you were a little girl. That your body is meant to feel good.

    That intrinsic knowledge got programmed out of you when doctors, pharmaceutical companies and society taught you your female body is weak and “hormonal” and literally needs to be controlled with birth control medication. Her Body Wisdom is here to help you reconnect with your body’s inner wisdom, that is quietly speaking to you, but that perhaps you are brushing off because you are too busy and stressed to listen to it.

    are you on a journey of healing your body?

    Are you a woman who’s working on balancing your hormones, eliminating PMS, looking to clear your acne, wanting to release extra weight or have more regular periods? If so, I may be able to help you.

    I’m a woman like you, who struggled with understanding her body and her skin, but who mastered healing with food and plants. If you’re ready for it, I’m happy to guide you to do the same. Because happiness and healthis your normal.