Embrace Your Inner Mermaid: The Beauty and Health Benefits of Irish Sea Moss (+Prep Instructions)

Hey Gorgeous Soul, are you tired of feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to your hormonal health? Do you wish you could dive deep into the sea of balance and find a natural solution to your PMS? Then you might want to try Irish sea moss, the ocean’s secret superfood.

This magical seaweed may not have a pretty exterior, but its rich mineral profile can work wonders for our bodies. When we lack essential minerals, our hormones can go haywire, leaving us feeling out of sync and out of sorts. But with Irish sea moss, we can replenish our bodies with the nutrients we need to thrive.

Irish sea moss is known for its high mineral content, containing over 90 different minerals and trace elements that are essential for good health. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, sulfur, zinc, selenium, manganese, and copper, among others.

What’s more, these minerals are present in a bioavailable form, meaning that they are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. This is because Irish sea moss contains carrageenan, a type of soluble fiber that helps to bind minerals and make them more accessible to the body.

Irish sea moss is particularly rich in iodine, which is a vital nutrient for thyroid health. The thyroid gland requires iodine to produce thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism, growth, and development. A deficiency in iodine can lead to thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism or goiter. Iron is another important mineral found in Irish sea moss, and is essential for the production of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

Preparing Irish sea moss may seem intimidating at first, but with a few simple steps, you’ll have a nutritious and versatile ingredient at your fingertips. Follow these detailed instructions for the best results:

  1. Purchase high-quality Irish sea moss from a reputable source. Look for wildcrafted or organic varieties that have been harvested sustainably.
  2. Rinse the sea moss thoroughly to remove any debris or sand. You can do this by placing it in a colander and running it under cold water.
  3. Soak the sea moss in a large bowl of cold water for 6-12 hours. This will help to rehydrate it and remove any excess salt. The sea moss will expand and become softer as it soaks.
  4. After soaking, drain the water and rinse the sea moss again.
  5. Transfer the sea moss to a blender and add enough fresh water to cover it completely. You can use a 1:4 ratio of sea moss to water for a thicker gel, or a 1:8 ratio for a thinner gel.
  6. Blend the sea moss and water on high speed until it forms a smooth, gel-like consistency. This may take a few minutes, so be patient.
  7. Once blended, pour the sea moss gel into a clean jar or container with a lid. You can store it in the fridge for up to 2-3 weeks.
  8. When using the sea moss gel in recipes, you can simply scoop out the amount you need and add it to your dish. It can be used in smoothies, soups, sauces, and more.

By following these steps, you’ll have a fresh and nutritious sea moss gel that you can use in a variety of ways. Experiment with different recipes and enjoy the many benefits of this amazing superfood.

Now, it’s time to let your inner mermaid shine and get creative with using Irish sea moss in your food. You can add it to smoothies, soups, or stews for a nutrient boost. Or, you can try making a refreshing “mermaid lemonade” by blending the gel with water, lemon juice, and honey. Irish Sea Moss has a very mild “iodine-y” taste but it blends in very well with your food.

Savour the subtle taste and imagine yourself as a mermaid, gliding effortlessly through the crystal-clear waters of the ocean. It’s the ultimate way to connect with nature and feel like a glowing sea goddess.

In addition to its delicious taste, Irish sea moss also offers a variety of health benefits. Its high mineral content can help to support healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as boost immune function and improve digestion.

So, dive into the world of Irish sea moss and let it transport you to a world of natural health and beauty. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid who feels as good as she looks?

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