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Truth: Despite what we’ve all heard about the benefits of fasting, eating breakfast is actually one of the best ways to boost your metabolism as a woman. (And shed those extra pounds)

Here’s 2 BIG reasons why your body needs a good breakfast…

A recent study found that in order to be able to use your progesterone properly you need 3-4 servings of carbs per day. If you’re skipping meals (like breakfast) your body doesn’t have the chance to use this metabolism boosting hormone. Hello PMS and weight gain!

If you’re not getting stable energy from your breakfast… your body has to get that energy from somewhere else, and it does that by driving your energy up with stress hormones! (So NOT great for your metabolism or releasing extra weight)

Not all breakfasts are created equal!

Some breakfasts will boost your metabolism while others do the exact opposite. (Even the ones that seem “healthy”)

For example… oatmeal, that breakfast we’ve all been told is super duper healthy… well, it actually spikes our blood sugar first thing in the morning. Not ideal for our hormones and weight release. Not to mention it can be slow to digest causing gas and bloating!

Which brings us to this conundrum…

What are we supposed to eat?

Busy women all over the world are eating metabolism-bogging breakfast… or worse…drinking coffee for breakfast leading to stubborn weight, PMS and mood swings.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you skipping breakfast because you don’t know what to make or don’t have time to make it?
  • Are you drinking coffee to power up because there’s no other way you could possibly get through the day?
  • Are you eating high carb breakfasts like corn flakes, oatmeal and fruit smoothies because they’re quick and easy to make in the morning?
  • Are you “fasting” and skipping breakfast because someone said it’s the holy grail for longevity?

Unfortunately, in the long term, this can lead to….

  • Imbalanced sex hormones
  • Wonky blood sugar
  • High cortisol
  • And other hormonal imbalances that make it harder to lose the extra weight

But I promise you, there’s a better and easier way….


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