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Before: Hashimoto’s antibodies attacking my thyroid, hormonal weight gain, chronic cystic acne, PMS, bloating gut, fatigue and mood swings

After: Cystic acne cleared up, hormonal fat melted off, gut health restored, no more naps and mood swings and zero PMS.

<- living my
best life!

Are you ready for your “radiant and thriving” era?

Join women worldwide who are healing their bodies, balancing their hormones and reversing autoimmunity with ancient herbal medicines, nourishing nutrition and inspired lifestyles.

If your body, hormones and skin are just not cooperating with you… this is for you 😘

for the woman who loves to squeeze every last drop out of life…

Are you craving to connect with the part of yourself that intrinsically knows that your body is meant to feel really good? Are you searching for balance in this sometimes overwhelming world? Do you want to hear your body’s inner wisdom, that is quietly speaking to you, but that perhaps you are brushing off because you are too busy and stressed to listen to it?




Clear your stubborn acne…

Say bye-bye to skin anxiety permanently by reversing your acne naturally in as little as 30 days. Clear chronic acne without obsessive skin care routines or harsh acne drugs… [START HERE]


Release your extra weight…

Working way too hard to lose weight and seeing little to no results? It’s time to boost your metabolism and balance your feminine hormones. Begin a fresh journey with me in releasing weight by honouring your body’s rhythms… [START HERE]


Heal your gut and hormones…

Feeling like your body is “off” but your doctor has no clear answers? Being a woman doesn’t have to feel that way. Balance your hormones and heal your gut and watch everything fall into place… [READ MY BLOG]



Hey Gorgeous Soul! I’m Antosia and I see the highest potential for you and your body…

I help women balance their hormones and reverse their autoimmunity with herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle

It’s the ultimate reward when my client completes her health journey with me, and in her excitement, I can see that she has a total crush on herself.
 Not just because she looks brighter or feels healthier, but because she’s formed a deep bond with her body. 
I am a connoisseur of self-care and nourishment, 
and a cultivator of spaces where women can heal.
 I want to see women fall in love with their bodies. 
Because in a society that benefits from your self-sacrifice,
 it is a rebellious act to put yourself first!

Antosia Fiedur
Herbalist and Health Coach, BSc

From my clients…

You have been so wonderful to work with. I instinctively knew you were trustworthy and knew your stuff. Antosia, you put such care and thought into your work and how you interact with me and everything you have told me has been spot on with what I have been struggling with. Finally getting the answers to all the hormonal imbalances I have felt in my gut were my issue but didn’t have anyone confirm before has been huge for me!

I’m now at -21 pounds. I can now do a pull up and am seeing a little ab definition. I didn’t think I could do it, otherwise I would have taken a before photo! Before Antosia’s program I felt really stuck and burnt out. Now I feel energized and stronger as I continue my journey. I started Antosia’s Weight Release program because it aligned with my values of a natural lifestyle, and wanted that extra knowledge and support when it came to herbalism and women’s health.

victoria  CLEAR SKIN CLIENT – Beauty professional

“I feel extremely lucky that I found this program and gave it a try. Because at first I was not sure if it was a good idea to join the program or not because it was not something conventional to me, anyways I did, because at that time I was so desperate to clear my skin. Now when I look back it is probably one of the best decisions that I made in my life.”

“Coming off the pill was one of the scariest decisions I had to make for my health but I knew my skin would go back to how it was before I went on birth-control to stop it. Indeed after a month my skin instantly went back to its worst state it’s even been. I know that what I did with Glowing From Inside will help me with my health in the long term. This is life seriously changing. I feel better about myself and my body and even if I do get a tiny breakout, I don’t care anymore, I know exactly why it’s there and how it make it go away. I highly recommend you give it a try.”

Dominika Clear skin client – Business Owner
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